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One of Ricky's finest moments came in October 2001 following the 9-11 tragedy, when he was invited to perform his patriotic "Anthem For The Millennium (America, My Home!)" for 25,000 people at Little Rock AR's Riverfront Ampitheatre for then Governor Mike Huckabee's "Tribute to Arkansans In Uniform" event, reuniting Tripp with recording artist Tracy Lawrence, with whom Tripp had appeared in the 90's on The Nashville Network.

Written by George and Sherry Simon and released in May 2001, the broadcast of the performance of "America, My Home!" was seen in simulcast throughout the state of Arkansas over nine sister stations by more than 200,000 viewers, as well as clips seen on CNN and ABC.  At the end of the performance, Tripp received the day's only standing ovation from 25,000 flag-waving patriots.

To watch this historic performance, click on the link shown below, and thanks for watching!  We hope you enjoy the show!