Ricky David Tripp's interest in magic goes back as far as his interest in music, but he didn't go "pro" with his magic performances until the dawn of the 21st century (Tripp ventured into music professionally in 1975.)

The beginnings of the Magic Rick show go back to promotional performances for Team Success Fundraising and their Savers Card program to raise money for schools in central and Northwest Arkansas.  Tripp was hired by the company to go into the various schools and, using both his magical abilities and his skills as an experienced public speaker and toastmaster, conduct "kickoffs" to both inform and excite the school kids about their upcoming fundraising campaigns.

Today, Magic Rick is known throughout Arkansas as the magical presenter and public relations rep for Arkansas Fundraisers, the company replacing Team Success, which is now representing World's Finest Chocolate for the State of Arkansas, doing the same kind of kickoff events in Arkansas schools.

Tripp was a resounding favorite of the schools, and has been frequently asked back again and again by administrators for repeat presentations each year.  As the word spread about Magic Rick, requests for shows began to pour in for birthday parties, adult dinner parties, and special events such as Benton AR's downtown Halloween show (where the street was packed for Magic Rick's show) and the first-ever "Staycation" event, also in Benton.

Tripp has also added close-up magic at tableside for customers at his Riverfront Steakhouse music performances on Wednesday through Saturday evenings, delighting regulars, families, celebratory groups and young kids as they wait for some of the finest dinners in Arkansas to be served.


A better question would be "What DOESN'T Magic Rick do?"  The important thing to remember about a Magic Rick show is that it is traditional and family friendly!  Tripp leaves the "gross stuff" to magicians like Criss Angel, although he can do a "geeky" effect or two if requested. 

In a typical Magic Rick show, you may see an arm put into a giant chopper (all in good fun, or course), or even the head of an assistant may disappear, but nothing that the kids won't clap for!  Magic Rick also does levitations, vanishes, incredible penetrations and lots of comedy!  Most shows include both "stage style" effects, some mentalism, and up-close magic that will knock your socks off! 

When Magic Rick is booked for a juvenile birthday party (ages 5-13), he presents the birthday boy or girl with THEIR OWN MAGIC TRICK -- a nice one that they'll be proud of!  Following the party performance, Tripp shows the birthday boy or girl how to perform the easy-to-do trick and, if they're brave enough, they are invited to join Magic Rick up front to perform their new trick for all of their friends!

For other events, Magic Rick shows can include tricks that are just pure fun, while some of his effects are so stunning as to almost be beyond belief!  All in all, it's a wholesome afternoon or evening of illusion that can be enjoyed by everyone.


Like many other youngsters in the 60s, Tripp got much of his first magic from mail order houses in the beginning, such as Vick Lawston's House of a Thousand Mysteries and Flosso-Hornmann's Houdini Magic Shop.  During his childhood, magic was limited to 25c catalogs, library books on magic and a few displays in stores.  His mother bought him a Mandrake The Magician Magic Set when he was 10 years old, a set now worth more than $200 in the vintage collector's marketplace!

Later in the 70s, the Little Barn Magic Shop appeared and reawakened Tripp's interest in the craft.  Through this modest, short-lived magic shop, he was able to meet such local legends as Logan Pritchett and Col. Frank Seymour, and take his learning up to new levels.  It was during the mid-70s that Tripp first embarked on his musical career as one of the Tripp Brothers, and magic went on the back burner for a while.

When Little Rock acquired Mr. Magic -- the biggest retail magic shop in North America -- Tripp turned a corner and reaffiliated himself with the local magic community by joining Ring 29 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), an invitation-only worldwide group of professional and avocational magicians.  Since joining, he has enjoyed meeting and fellowshipping with some of America's finest magicians, including John Calvert, Michael Ammar and his childhood idol, Mark Wilson.


Tripp plans an upcoming campaign to begin including Pulaski and Saline County day care centers for special Magic Rick shows in the near future, an extension of the style of show he is already performing for public elementary and middle schools. 

Magic Rick is also available immediately for any event of any size, including:

  • Adult and child birthdays (ages 5-13)
  • Private parties and other events in the home or in public
  • Corporate shows, banquets, dinners and conventions (large and small, up to 500 persons in attendance), on stage or tableside
  • Schools and day care centers (special theme shows available on request)
  • Restaurants (Sunday through Thursday only)
  • Churches, fundraisers, civic organizations
  • Television programs


Ricky David Tripp is ready for your calls for a Magic Rick show, which may also include his lovely assistant (and wife) Barbara for appropriate events!  Rates will vary depending on the scope and length of the show required and travel distance.  For smaller events (under 25 in attendance), you may contact Tripp directly as follows for a booking quote:

Magic Rick Enterprises
PO Box 3042
Little Rock AR 72203

Need Magic?  Get                           !
With legendary performer and magic teacher Michael Ammar
With famed stage and screen magic legend John Calvert
      Magic Rick with wife and                assistant Barbara Jean
  With childhood idols Nani Darnell
  and famed magician Mark Wilson